Email marketing campaign | Summer theme. Assets: email campaign, landing page, and branded pouch of roasting sticks for sales reps to use as a leave-behind. This campaign successfully increased brand awareness, generated actionable leads, and provided support for the sales team.

Email marketing campaign – Summer theme

Email marketing campaign | shock and awe. Assets: email and landing page. This campaign gave the audience a little shock and peaked their interest enough to click through to the landing page. The landing page was fully automated scrolling through a list of client testimonials. 

Shock and Awe – email marketing 

Texas Market – I had a lot of fun creating marketing campaigns for our Texas location. In this email campaign, I used messaging that focused on a savory topic that found its way into many conversations our Dallas team had with clients and prospects. 

Savory Email Marketing

Texas Market – Toyota. Brightwing has two audiences, clients and candidates. In Texas, Toyota is one of the biggest clients for contract employment. In 2017 Toyota relocated its headquarters to Texas. My job was to reach out to candidates who showed interest in Toyota at some point. I created an e-Newsletter to provide current information about the building construction and new job openings. The tactic successfully rejuvenated the database, identified warm candidates, and helped the sales team nurture relationships. As a result, the Texas team placed candidates in critical roles at Toyota. 

Toyota eNewsletter

Recruiting, Reimagined – A big part of my job included creating fresh marketing pieces for the sales team to use in a variety of scenarios. Here is a sample of some pieces I directed for use as leave-behinds to help create brand awareness. This design and theme translated to digital pieces as well.

Recruiting, Reimagined – Marketing Pieces